A few options to accomplish this:

1. DIY phone on tripod so the livestream viewer can see the reception. We can play a pre-recorded voice recording from the viewer for guests.

We would need the recording from the viewer in advance. (This can be sent directly to our company email with your name and wedding date)  

Pros: No additional cost

Cons: Phone quality video, guest will not see the speaker and no live audio


2.  We use your provided computer to access zoom, google teams etc. We set up our projector screen with a projector to maximize image size so guests can see the speaker.  We will also plug your computer into our speaker system to amplify sound.  We will set up a webcam for remote viewers to see your guest.

Pros: Remote speakers will be seen and heard by guests live, you will also be able to use a projector for other videos or slideshows throughout the event. (Sun will decrease screen visibility so shady areas and use after sunset is suggested for best visibility)

Con: Additional cost of $500


3. Hiring a live streaming crew this would provide 4K video that is the highest quality image for livestream viewers.   This would offer livestream viewers multiple camera angles and multiple projectors and could allow for full day viewing.

Pro: Highest Quality

Con: Rough estimate of $2,500-$3,500  (would need to be confirmed)

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