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DJ Avi, the youngest professional igniting the Midwest's music scene. Avi has been DJ’ing events such as Weddings, Nightclubs, and Fraternity/Sorority formals. Specializing in Top 40, Hip-Hop, and International Music.


Embarking on his DJ journey, Avi has honed his skills under  seasoned pros. Known for his extraordinary ability to engage diverse crowds, he's a regular fixture in the buzzing nightlife of Iowa City, Ames, and Des Moines. What sets DJ Avi apart is his unique specialization in Latin and Bollywood music, bringing a vibrant and international flavor to every event he graces. 


Whether it's a vibrant college formal, an exclusive club night, or a bustling festival, DJ Avi guarantees an atmosphere alive with global rhythm and energy. His passion for music from around the world has not just built his reputation in the DJ realm but has also fostered a community of music lovers eager for his next multicultural set.

As he continues his musical exploration, DJ Avi is committed to bringing his unique blend of sounds and unforgettable experiences to each event. Join him on an exciting journey and get ready to dance to the global beats of DJ Avi!

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