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Kofi Djan Manteaw is the Director of Digital Marketing of the
Hecuba Group LLC: a US-based conglomerate of organizations
advancing innovative solutions in the areas of Health, Energy
and Entrepreneurship. He is a pursuing Bachelors degree in
Communication Arts and Communication Design at Wartburg
College in Waverly, Iowa.

At Wartburg, Kofi serves in various media organizations such
as WTV, Knightvion Sports and also, in the Communications
and Marketing department. Kofi is currently with the Wartburg
College’s Knight Vision production staff and has a considerable
amount of experience in directing and audio operation.
Over the past two summers, he has worked with the Iowa
Special Olympics as a Communication Intern. Work with Knight
Vision and the Special Olympics proved pivotal in amassing
experience through the opportunities given him to produce and
direct several marketing videos, to write scripts and to design

Kofi has several interests and hobbies outside Hecuba. Amongst
them are: web design, graphic design, information technology,
politics, and making movies.

As a bulwark trudging him along, Kofi is always recounted say-
ing, “Just as President Obama said, if you’re walking down the

right path and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually you’ll
make progress.”

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