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Greatest Kidd Ever is an experienced open format DJ. He’s been a DJ for a little over a decade now and knows how to read a room when it comes to providing music for your special event. Knowing what to play and just when to play it is an art and a talent that KIDD takes pride in. He’s a mixing master and loves to keep the crowd intrigued & engaged with transitions.

Kidd also has a background in music production and can create a special edit for your event using his audio engineering skillset. He has a diverse knowledge of hit songs ranging from: Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, Blues, & Pop. However he can also adapt & adjust to your playlist while maintaining his mixing style.

Greatest Kidd Ever is a Mobile DJ talent who can be wherever you need him to be and ready to rock the house!  He has experience on the mic & provides a fun experience for all events including formal, corporate, private, or promotional.

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