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Sparkler Fall

Let us give your event a spark!
First dance or enter like a star, we can let the sparks fly.


Sparkler Fall is a hanging special effect equipment that creates dazzling sparks.

Think About

Sparklers can be activated at one location for up to 10 minutes of total activation during special moments of your event.

Key Moments

  • Grand Entrances

  • Special Dances

  • Send Offs

  • Photography & Video Effect

Set-up Time

This enhancement can usually be setup within normal setup time.  Additional time may be needed in certain situations and locations.


Cold Sparks, set-up locations and conditions must be assesed for safe use.

Keep in Mind

This add on provides non-toxic sparks safe for indoor and outdoor use.
(Circle and Straight Trussing Available Contingent On Venue & Availability)


$1,800 For 12 Sparkler Falls (With DJ Services)

$2,500 For 12 Sparkler Falls (Without DJ Services)

(Contact For Special Orders & Additional Sparkler Pricing)

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