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Marquee Letters

Add the perfect display to any event!


This add-on includes 3ft light-up steel marquee letters, numbers, and special characters.

Think About

Marquee Letters are perfect for creating eye-catching displays.

Key Moments


  • Wall - Provides a custom accent throughout the event.

  • Dance Floor - Your image is visible prior to dancing.

  • Roof - This is great for after sunset!

Set-up Time

This enhancement can usually be setup within normal setup time.  Additional time may be needed in certain situations and locations.


  • We elevate this fixture over the heads and eyes of guest.  This allows for a visible effect throughout the event.

  • We also use trussing to limit the risk of a tripping hazard.

Keep in Mind

This lighting effect works on many locations and surfaces.  This can be used outdoors however Sunlight and other lighting conditions can affect image visibility.


$65 per piece

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